ERA is a small company by design…with a river staff that breaks the mold on stereotypes of who /how long/what for… especially with the percentage of staff that are female. It is a really empowering team to be a part of!   Now the female contingency of ERA has decided it is time to help break through the images of tears/doubt/lack of enthusiasm/over-aggressive competition that females get tagged with in the whitewater community.  Check out our new blog: eraladysdayout.   The thought behind our new era blog is:  WE DON’T NEED MARTINIS OR MANICURES, JUST A BEAUTIFUL STRETCH OF RIVER AND OUR SPRAYSKIRTS, AND WE’RE GOOD TO GO! HERE’S THE PLACE TO KEEP UP WITH THE LADIES OF ERA AND OUR FRIENDS.

 Keep up…we are about to share our 2008 river goals!  Hopefully you have some of the same.