The ladies here at Endless River Adventures are preparing to embark on yet another wonderful season of whitewater; Life is tough! Deciding to list our goals for 2008 is a bit intimidating, but it also provides that extra motivational kick that we (mostly I) sometimes need! Looking at my goals for the season, written down on paper, makes me really look forward to this year.

We’ll be posting updates as we progress throughout the season, so keep checking back!

Brandy : )

-Get out on the water as much as possible. The best way to get better is to practice and get out there,so that is what I want to do.
-I want to work on my water reading and skills by running new and more challenging rivers
-To get Brandy and Kelly to Costa Rica with me!
-To spend more time on the water with my girls, but to also improve to the point that I can go with the big boys
-To continue to earn respect and accountability as a kayak instructor
-I want to run the Green Narrows (and by run I mean style ☺ )

– Paddle more class III-IV rivers and creeks other than the Nantahala and Ocoee. Thanks to the drought and school, it’s been about 4 years since I’ve paddled natural flow, other than the Cascades.
– Get on the Ocoee with Brandy!
– Five eddies at Broken Nose (without breaking my nose this time).

-Nail my combat roll. Practice makes perfect (hopefully)!
-Surf, surf, surf. Become a good playboater. Play EVERYWHERE!
-Ocoee and Costa Rica with the girls!!
-Comfortable in class III-IV water.
-Get over silly fears, and recognize legitimate ones. Build confidence in my abilities.
-Get on the water as much as possible!
-I HATE to admit this one: Listen to my husband (and ERA instructor!), Ryan. Do what he tells me to do. He’s been at this for years, and knows what’s best for me.