With the Nantahala Open right around the corner, everything is coming together to ensure loads of fun for everyone. We hope you are part of it. Teamscum and Level Six just made sure that the booty table will not run out!

And speaking of being part of it…Team Wave Sport’s Brian Kirk will have some of the new Fuses on hand to check out (word is that the 1st of three, the Fuse 48, is already in production!).

And we keep adding to our list of awesome manufacturers who are willing to support this community event. Latest addition to our sponsor list:

great t-shirts and hats: Teamscum.

While shying away from the idea of being called a “team,” this awesome couple of boaters/guides are the brains behind the Homegrown Video Contest. They decided that there needed to be a venue for amateur videographers to show their stuff. Enter in: the Annual Homegrown Amateur Video Contest. And from there came a collection of tshirts, hats and stuff that just make you feel good at soul-level. And now new in 2008: the teamscum website/homegrown television. Here they have put up all the previous 3yrs Homegrown Amateur Video contest entries, photos and videos for your viewing pleasure. First Feature on the new website:1st entry: the hermanator. Thanks so much for the awesome tshirts and hats!

And the Canadians have stepped up to give their support also!
Ay? that would be Level Six.

We pulled in Level Six to our shop last year because these guys were just doing a great job with river gear. Stig and Tyler, company founders (and we understand designers, sewers, salesmen and even models) have created a lineup that is full of innovative designs, progressive styles…all influenced by a somewhat modest and friendly Canadian attitude (until it comes to talking about hockey we have learned!) And they put on their own great event: a freestyle kayaking event called “The Level Six Capital Cup”

And hey- did you catch the grand prize? A Wave Sport boat of choice!! Need info? Details on the website.