Momma Fuse and Daddy Fuse have Arrived here at ERA!

The Fuse 35 is proving to be a new favorite for the smaller paddlers—enough so that there has been some boat envy going on as we bigger boaters waited for the new sized boats. But wait no more! The Fuse 48 and Fuse 56 are here and ready to go!

Paddling the prototypes all spring, what Team ERA has liked is that Wave Sport maintained the continuity of the famous Wave Sport hull design; that combination of user-friendly, notable river-running speed, along with an extremely loose and fast feel on waves. Improvements in the Fuse family boats: better volume distribution to offer roomy, comfortable space, even better control in river-running situations, and more ’pop’ for modern playboating moves, such as loops and airwheels. The design goal was to continue to make the best playboating river runner boat, a tradition that started with the EZ series, followed by the EZG series. And hopefully now topped with the Fuse family. Only family member missing is the Fuse 64—but you won’t have to wait long!