by Grant Green and his kids Maisy and Seth

For many kayaking fathers, their dream fathers day present would be to share a day on the river with their kids. We were visited by a good number of dads on Fathers Day whose dream came true.

For those waiting for the magical day, the advice of fellow boaters on how to ease their kids into paddling is well worth listening to. This spring our friend Grant take time out to take his kids down the Nantahala in a raft. Whether the great experience being on the river with Dad, or their line at the Falls….he sure had some happy campers at the day’s end. We suspected that the raft trip was part of a bigger plan that Dad has to interest his kids in kayaking!! So we asked him!

Okay Grant–fess up: We suspect that your dream is to be out kayaking with the kids eventually! What is your approach with Maisy (12) and Seth (10) right now?
Just to make them comfortable on the water, I think the earlier you start this the better. Right now they are like a couple of little baby ducklings and will follow where ever I lead them. They are like a couple of little sponges soaking up all the river knowledge I can throw at them.


What about twenty years from now? 
By that time we will have ran most of the really tough rivers and gone back to just having fun weekends on the Ocoee, Tellico, and maybe a few creeks around the house.

Oh by the way… they will both have Olympic Metals in the (soon to be) new whitewater freestyling kayaks event by that time…

What advice would you share with other parents who want to paddle with their kids?
Get your children out as much as possible! Camping, boating, hiking, mtn biking, all of these will create memories that will last a lifetime. Also post all your old childrens gear on boater talk or someplace like that… Kids stuff, although smaller in size… not so much smaller in price.
Grant, Maisy and Seth