The Diesel 2009. It looks great!  What led to redesigning the Diesel?

The main reason for redesigning the Diesel series was sizing. We wanted more paddlers to enjoy the performance of the Diesel series. Instead of creating a larger and smaller version of the current Diesel we decided to stretch out the line and create a 60, 70 and 80 gallon series.  After paddling the Diesel for four years we have also come up with a few tweaks to improve the design.

What are some of the details in the new design that folks will notice?
You will first notice that we have added a peak to the deck of the bow and stern. This will help the Diesel to resurface better and to allow water shed easier. On the hull we have made the rocker more progressive creating a faster hull. The sidewalls have been flared in to increase maneuverability and decrease edginess. The overall lengths have increased a little as well.

We have also designed a new thigh brace that will only be offered in the new Diesel series starting out. This thigh brace allows the user to remove the rear hook for someone who likes to have a wider knee positioning. It is made from a stamped aluminum plate with injection molded front and rear hooks. It is thinner than the current thigh brace allowing your knees to rest higher in the boat. This will be great for our play boats as it will allow more overall foot room.

What is the anticipated results of the new details?
We think people crossing over from the older Diesel 67 and 75, or any other river runner for that matter, will immediately notice the speed and maneuverability in the new Diesel series. The new Diesels will allow us to get down rapids safer and faster, while surfing and spinning on play waves along the way.

A composite boat!  That is big in the whitewater area. Where do you see the composite Project going in the market?
The WS Team has been dreaming of paddling a composite boat for years. Its stiffness and weight will allow us to go faster and bigger, and we believe there is a core market out there that would like to have the highest-performance freestyle tool around.  At this time the Project 54cx is just a concept boat. It is a concept from the lay up to the hull design to the outfitting. We have played around with new dimensions, rocker profiles, thighbrace configurations, seat adjustments, and added features such as a leg lifter. We are now looking into the lay up to see if we can offer this boat to the public in the future. We will keep you guys informed as this new Project develops.

And on top of Robert’s input, we did have a chance to throw our Steve out in a prototype of the new design.

Oh Yeah! I would say that I am really excited about the boat. I realy like the new shape and volume increments are perfect. It is a very bold move toredesign such a classic, but they have done an incredible job. The new deck and the side walls are great and the new rocker profile is very fast and predictable. It rolls well and was a real pleasure to paddle and I being such a fan of the classic Diesel, I have to say that I cant wait to get into a 70 or 80 or both.