A 75 degree day on the Gauley River….and while not many folks on the river, there were lots we knew–including our own Lincsters who sneaks off to the Gauley come September to work with Class VI. It was great to be back on the Gauley!�

I first kayaked the Gauley in 1991.� Since then I have only missed returning to the Gauley twice; and I still consider it as much fun now as it was then (okay, maybe that first year it was more scary than fun!!).� Running the river only once a year (sneaking out of the shop early to paddle Friday before working the Gauley Festival) means the river is not so familiar that it does not have my attention.� Nor do I have the lines wired.� We floated towards each rapid today saying “don’t forget there are a couple good holes in here to avoid–and which way do you usually angle. Right? Or was that left?”

I got totally swallowed at Sweets but it was the kind of “swallowing” that you roll up laughing about.

Tomorrow while the Saturday crowd is on the river we will be setting up the ERA booth at the Festival. We hope to see lots of friends before the evening is out.

It was a heavenly day on the river.