our trip included some of the incredible river of costa rica. the first two days were on the pejibaye and the pacure.

the water and weather were beautiful.

we also had some bigger wares and rain and some quality van time getting to know fellow paddlers.

this is what happened there:


traditional cows hold themselves up to be unpretentious
they are happy to eat in the assigned pastures and nurture their children
they are happy to follow the other cows
they happily sway their tails together

there were a bunch of them in that field
could you tell they were different
hey would you look at their coats
I think they are from India

the folk in west Virginia got roads
that are single lane with two gravel shoulders
a lot of them don’t have much
their state is kinda shaped like this finger

if I don’t have anything better to do
I can go to work

then again maybe you don’t have to shave
seems like
someone published should be able to have that poem for tonight’s supper
while shaving in the morning…you gonna shave

I usually have everything there
I should have all the maps inside my palm pocket
let’s see in the year 2004 the Pacure was lower
I had no rolls or swims through Lisa’s lounge
did you leave the keys at the front desk for me

we boat together but live hours apart
sure, they’re good friends and companions
can I put my arm on your furry arm

pura vida pura miedra

don’t poke the pooch

the Pejibaye tree has fruit
can I take your order
can you suggest something, something good
no you have to order from the menu

traditional cows have a strong belief system
you can tell by their brown eyes

nKarasa 11/08