You cannot beat a section of river that has a rapid on it called Gringos Revueltos (which translates to Scrambled Gringos). Welcome to the Lower Quijos!

The first time our guide Doug returned from Ecuador, he spoke of the Lower Quijos in terms of ‘national geographic scenery,’ ‘giant fern plants,’ ‘dug-out canoes parked alongside the river.’ Those still best describe the lower section of the Quijos–a great 25K Class III-IV stretch depending on the water level.

Today the level was fluffy–not too much water, not too little. So the first part of the river was big and pushy and offered a few holes for some of our paddlers to throw moves in (okay, possibly not all intentionally!). Then you arrive at Gringos Revueltos. Wow, pretty big and scrambling looking this year!! Our crew decided to opt for walking around it today. Craig was helping direct boats through the portage, but stopped long enough to give Doug & I a thumbs up that the middle was good to go. And here I was all okay with being stuck too far downstream to be able to do anything but run the sneak. After tightening both my helmet and my sunglasses, off I went flying out to make the line….and while I did not get revueltoed, I did pause to surf the muy grande hole for a moment….and no one with a camera!!!

Oh yea, I had the camera. So I just took photos of Craig surfing holes all day

Craig surfing down the Lower Quijos

Craig surfing his way down the Lower Quijos

(although today may be one of the few times in all the time we paddle together that I was in a hole bigger than Craig!! He just makes it look smoother.)

And then there was the gorgeous scenery enjoyed today….

national geographic scenery!

national geographic scenery!