Having spent very little time in the Diesel in the past few years, and never in the new Diesel 60, the Cheoah was definitely going to test whether I liked the redesign or not–and I loved it!

I have always enjoyed the Diesel, but not spent a lot of time in it because I always felt the D65 was just a bit too big for me. All this winter paddling the Mutant down the rivers of Costa Rica and Ecuador, I kept thinking that it would be great to return home and check out the new 60 as it sure seemed it would be the right size.

The Cheoah was cold and rainy yesterday–not the kind of day you want to spend any upside down time (not that Cheoah is ever particularly the upside down kind of river!). So I was hoping that all the chatter about stability was true. And true it was and more.

I remember the day I paddled the original prototype of the Diesel and came away thinking it paddled “sexy.” I still think that. It moved so nicely down the Cheoah; super responsive to correction strokes, and steered well from either the bow or the stern.

I saw my friend Taylor Cote in her D60. Taylor is a tiny person that paddles big (I missed seeing her run Bear Creek). So going from Taylor’s diminuitive size, to my fairly normal size, up to maybe ball park 150 pounds, this is the 2009 boat of choice for you–especially if you want more of a river runner than a play boat,but not a river runner so creeky that it feels corky and slow–you need to check out the D60.

Great day out with the boys, in a super fun boat. Nice work TeamWave Sport!