Saturday, April 25th is the day for the 5th Annual Nantahala Open…and we are getting fired up.  Bryan Kirk and the Wave Sport crew will be pulling into the Gorge to help out. And sponsors have bent over backwards to donate to the event.

We created a special blog just for the Open to keep tabs of events leading up to the big day, sponsors, and day of events.

Day of Line Up:
TeamWave Sport and ERA will be at the staging eddy of the Falls between 10AM and 3:30PM to talk boats, register participants and enjoy a great day.

The party will move up to Endless River Adventures after the river with beer and music.

The highlight of the night: the big event! showing the day’s footage on the big screen and giving away lots of lots of great river gear to participants.

Regardless of whether you paddle the river Saturday or participate in the event, we hope you will take time to join us Saturday night!