Troop 779 is one of oldest Boy Scout troops in the state of North Carolina. They hold the longest continuing charter in the state. Spending a day with us whitewater rafting, we had a chance to get to know this outstanding group of boys. What stood out the most was their commitment to earning the prestigious Eagle Scout rank.

Eagle Scout is difficult enough to obtain. There is a minimum of two years of total commitment with the youngest age to compete the rank being 14. And if the requirements are not completed by 18, it is all over. The well-known danger of that 14 – 18 age bracket is that once a boy smells “perfume and gasoline” it is easy to get distracted. Troop 779’s policy: No drivers license until Eagle is completed.


Troop 799 currently has 26 active boys in the troop. Out of that, 25 are currently working on their Eagle Scout rank. Impressive enough by itself, how about the fact that the troop has 45 scouts that have obtained the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout!

Querying Scout Master Wolf (who obtained his Eagle Scout ranking in 1974) about the success of the troop, he credits both the parents’ and the boys’ combined commitments.The standing joke is that boys become community property where all the parents are behind all the boys and their efforts.

Next up on the Troop’s agenda: starting an adventuring crew. Their trip down the river was a good way to get their feet wet there!