Spicing it up in the Fluid Spice!

Spicing it up in the Fluid Spice!

The Fluid Spice is still new on the river and generating interest. We have compared the performance of the Spice as similar to Wave Sport’s Z–which was a favorite for guys looking for a river runner that has some sassiness to it and a favorite of our international guides. So how spicy is the Spice?

We loaded up a boat and took it up to the Gauley Fest for our West Virginia friend Brent. Since then he has been spicing it up on the Gauley. Here is what he had to say about it:

“Thank you again for bringing the large Spice to Gauley Fest.
I have taken the boat down the Gauley a couple of times since then.  Here is my take on the boat:”

·         Outfitting:  solid and easily adjustable, at 6’-4” 225 lbs size 12 feet, this is the first river running play boat that I have had to use two sets of hip pad shims and a good bit of foam in the bulkhead.  The outfitting is very comfortable and my feet and legs do not cramp up.

·         Handling:  I currently have the boat on a neutral trim with the seat in the middle, the bow still does not pearl.  The boat is very fast, stable, easy in and out of eddies, makes ferries easy, great in large waves, and punching holes, and very easy to roll.

·         Playing:  I am not a skilled play boater, the boat surfs and spins great, wave wheels are easy, I can get the boat vertical on eddy lines so if I knew what I was doing it would probably cartwheel.  Stern squirts are low angle with the volume in the stern, however I am going to move the seat to trim the boat a little higher in the bow (per Fluid site) to see if this changes.

Thanks Brent for the feedback! Glad you are enjoying the boat 🙂