viewing into reflections of the water

seeing itself being the enchantrice

dropping into a tongue, one tongue exploring the next

tongue to tongue as if it was beckoning to lick

exploring each hollow or your knees, clavicles, intentions

skin of smoothness, skin of splash

a copulating rhythm to a Costa Rican breeze

water falling in on itself

the curl of a waves lips kissing your entry into a river’s hole

surrounding you with pressure, a touch around your face and neck

to respect the river, knowing its changing power, its permissions

a biting , rocks to make you respect her depth

a love of adjusting, paddles pulling through pools of reason

feeding the wave with a paddle carefully chosen to stroke her

with firmness yet without directives

a paddle chosen for its show or as nature’s own

ladling in her inebriating nectar

sharing her intoxicating syrup

entering into the mouth of the water as the beginning

to a continuation to better know your kiss

mesmerizing me to know your edges, your hips, legs, eddies and pools

being the dance of my boats continuation

through the shower of your water, the sparkle of the light across your eyes and breasts, clinging and hugging against my boat

timeless pulsing rhythm of your desire for me to love you more working over and over me

can’t sleep without my hips, my muscles, memorizing in my sleep your every movement