Costa Rica stamps

ball sunsets disappearing into burning skies

rivers with bubble necklaces hanging them onto your eyelashes

a full green, overlaying green valleys with shoulders too steep to fall into

sun eating away the leaf edges, leaving cracks of sunshine

smooth skin in love with humidity and fresh sheets

the peacefulness of hearing your own thoughts

the fork tender mouth memorizing ahi steaks

venting volcanoes, panoramicaly stacked aerial bouquets of clouds

clouds recounting their consciousness

sunlight buttons on lacy white water hems

unrequited splashes of color love

the screaming silence of secluded hanging slot canyons

burgeoning structured billowing sentients

cascading boils piqued on a morning glow

engaging form fractals creating their own erasures

rose apple light flattened across bubbling fountains of cream

jumbling yellow boats mushrooming out of pillow water