N Karasa 11/09
note: published in AW magazine


surrounded in your sense, in just being

water nymphs taking and filling me

with excitement for leaving a life awash

heaving waves, surround me, consume me

the mouth of a world, soft bosom in my face

not a friend, not a love, but a lust

me, needing to be wanted for being you

just good enough, understanding enough, a good, a great lover

coming up for air only for a short while

demanding all my thoughts, my feelings on your time

losing myself in your embrace, wet

changing your mood, sometimes asking

most often freely changing from easy or teasing

to turbulent or wild, asking, me to be

vigilant, free, there for care

I ladle your sweet syrupy river of life

with my paddle, welcoming, moist for me

always wanting to be ready

a wild soft underbelly

an uncradled home

ravishing crystalline edges and a bubble necklace

deep green tongues of water and sparkling eyes

lit only to be able to splash your face

to illuminate

the depths of your fathomless beauty

whirling pools of mystery from

a past time beckoning, swirling

shown only so as not to go in

you pull me into your breath, breathe

I kayak, a breath bigger than my air