RISK AND KAYAKING: Sometimes it’s the Little Things

by Brian Snyder and Juliet Jacobsen Kastorff


This is a three part series detailing out some of the planning that should go into preparing for a day on the river.  Kayaking is a sport with inherent risk. All kayakers know that.  We can never make our sport 100% risk-free all the time.  If we could, then we might as well just go kayaking in Disney World.  There are however, ways to minimize the inherent risk and remove some of the danger posed by our own misguided actions.

Part I: The Little Things: Mandatory Rescue Gear
Part II: The Little Things: Advanced Rescue Gear
Part III: Controlling Risk: The Human Touch


Unlike some other historical texts, this article was not etched in stone before a burning bush.  It is simply a collection of observations that we as guides have gathered over the years, both through working in the industry and in our own private boating lives.  We hope it stimulates thought and thoughtful discussion, and relates in some small way to your own boating experience.

See you on the river!