Team Popp reporting on Saturday’s Junior Olympic Events/Camp Cup Challenge

This Saturday we had a break from Junior Olympic events but we saw great participation in a local slalom race held by the NOC at the gates. Big kids (like the parents!) and the junior olympians all raced together on teams to rack up overall points by completing the course up to 5 times for any class.

Team Popp won the day’s races with a mighty 31 points, claiming some of the fastest times despite team members participating in multiple classes. The winner of the “Cup” will be determined by next month’s race, and Team Popp hopes to rack up even more points by including more paddlers doing more runs even faster!!

After a celebratory “banquet” at Relia’s in the evening, the Junior Olympians grouped together by the gates again to hand out awards from the week’s events, and to honor the volunteers and parents who helped make this year’s Junior Olympics a success. Kids ran about, writing down their new friends’ phone numbers and email addresses as they realized that their great week of paddling was coming to an end.

Proud Junior Olympic boaters on the podiumProud Junior Olympic boaters on the podium

On Sunday the Nantahala Wave will host the final Junior Olympic event, the freestyle competition, where experienced and beginner playboaters will give the crowd a great show!

See you guys on the water!!!