The Nantahala Race Club (NRC)–a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion and development of whitewater canoe and kayak sport, is reaching out to community kids in western North Carolina with the Nantahala Kids Club–a seven week/once a week session to get kids interested in the competitive side of kayaking, both freestyle and slalom.

What is Nantahala Kid’s Club?
The Nantahala Kid’s Club (NKC) is an 8-week program designed to promote paddle sports among young people in our community. The aim is to provide an opportunity for participants have fun and build friendships while challenging themselves and developing as athletes. The program will provide weekly instruction in addition to organizing monthly trips on local rivers. In an effort to make this program accessible to as many new paddlers as possible, gear will be provided for participants who do not have their own. The sessions will be headed up by Wayne Dickert (NOC) and Juliet Jacobsen Kastorff (ERA).

Who is this club for?
NKC is for young people ages 6-16 of all skill levels. No previous experience is required, yet we will be able to provide high-level challenge and development for more advanced paddlers.

Who is putting this program together?
While Nantahala Kids Club is a volunteer driven program, instruction and gear will be provided by Endless River Adventures and Nantahala Outdoor Center. In addition, we will be asking for parental support throughout the program.

When will the club meet?

Nantahala Kid’s Club will meet every Monday from 3:30 –5:30pm, from September 20 – November 8, 2010. Although the meeting location may change on occasion, the first meeting will be at the Finger Lakes (Lake Fontana). A spring session is also planned for 2011.

What is the cost?
Although Nantahala Kid’s Club is a not-for-profit program, there is a per-person membership fee to cover insurance, and associated USFS fees. Membership for one child is $60, two children, $105, three children; $120.

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