About the time that I finally figured out how to get past the third end in a cartwheel, the word on the river was that “cartwheels are out, loops and ariels are in.” Wouldn’t you know once again I would be a move behind when it comes to playboating. But in my quest to figure out cartwheels I had fallen in love with the EZG—partly because I could do flat water cartwheels in it, but also because stability is high on my priority list when it comes to kayak designs and the EZG had the definitive Wave Sport hull: loose, nice speed and stable. With that said, I hardly gave Wave Sport’s playboat–the Project, a second glance when it came out. Too short. Too much of an “ariel” type boat. I was sure it would not even stern squirt!! I moved on to Wave Sport’s river runner/playboat: the Fuse.

Fast forward to 2010 and with the talk about the new Project X coming out, I decided that the least I should do is take the Project out and paddle it so that when the new Project X arrived I could speak with a modicum of authority as to the differences between the two designs.

The first test drive on the Ocoee with the Project and I was a bit conservative in taking it on some of the lines I feel comfortable running in my Fuse. But every time I did give the boat a chance, the Project completely surprised me. It was stable. Its hull speed was only limited by its length, but for its length, the hull speed was so much better then I anticipated. It stern squirted beautifully (if you have not figured out–I love stern squirtting!!). So I decided to take the Project out for a second test drive on the Ocoee and really relax in the boat and let it play. I loved it!!

Conclusion: while I missed out on some great fun in the Project, I will not make the same mistake with the Project X.

One day I too will do this?!?

One day I too will do this?!?

Now that the ProjectX has debuted, stay tuned for some initial beta on the new design.