Playboating Hits the “X” Level with the Public Debut of
Wave Sport Project X

Identified as an international competition fiend and a longstanding leader in playboat design, Wave Sport expands for the 2011 season with the fully redesigned and much-anticipated premier of the new Wave Sport Project X. The Project X’s highly refined design, new volume distribution and outfitting system make it the ultimate in performance and visual excitement.

Wave Sport ProjectX

Created to drive the evolution of freestyle paddling, the Project X will make its public debut in the ERA Store by the end of 2010.

Wave Sport Project X

“The Project X represents a half-decade of freestyle research from the world’s top kayak design team,” explained Bryan Kirk, team manager for Wave Sport and top-ranked world freestyle championship competitor. “We have truly discovered a new benchmark in paddler control both on waves and holes, with absolutely no sacrifices,” he added. The new boat is a major evolution of the original Project and homage to the egacy of the X, however it is not a melding of the two popular designs. With a completely new look, new aggressive performance features, and a blazing white outfitting system, this boat delivers the extreme whitewater performance for which Wave Sport is known.

According to Wave Sport’s lead designer, Robert Peerson, the progressive rocker shape of the Project X hull, combined with the new volume distribution, puts the Project X in new territory for performance and comfort. “The Project X is finely tuned to maintain speed, give explosive pop, offer easier release, and provide smooth control over any wave for easier execution of moves,” he said. “More volume has been added around the knees, which allows for control, maximum comfort, and a slicier performance at the ends.”

In addition, new sizing options, combined with the improved volume distribution, give a broad range of paddlers even greater comfort and control. “It delivers in all whitewater conditions,” Peerson said. The stunning “WhiteOut” outfitting system lets paddlers hit the rapids in a one-of-a-kind, dazzling all-white material. The unmistakable wallpaper logo pattern contrasts with the fabric for a visual that’s almost as much fun to stare at as it is to get in. The unique vinyl covering the seat, hip-pads, backband, and thigh braces is also water-repellant, meaning less dry time and better mildew control.