The solution for keeping growing kids’ passion for kayaking going!

The Endless River Adventures team understands that kids have an uncanny knack for growing.  And how much that growth can make it hard to upgrade paddling gear with each growth spurt.

We believe kayaking teaches kids to make responsible decisions, respect the environment and the people around them, AND it is a ton of fun!  We love that your kids are getting into kayaking, are pushing themselves to explore their abilities and limits, and learning to succeed.  For these reasons and more, we are psyched to offer this new program to help keep up with growing kids and paddling gear!

Here is how it works:

·    Buy new or used paddling gear from Endless River Adventures.
·    When your child outgrows their kayak, paddle, spray skirt, helmet, PFD and/or splash top bring them in and we will give you credit towards your next sized piece/s of gear.
·    This program is desined for kids from the start of their paddling career through age 16, and the credit can go towards new or used gear.

It is our hope that this program– in conjunction with our incredibly fun kids camps, can help your kids share with you a lifetime love for the outdoors and white water kayaking.

Program Details
The following are the new store items that are part of the program:

  • Wavesport and Fluid Kayaks
  • AT Paddles
  • Level 6 Semi Dry Tops
  • Snap Dragon Spray Skirts
  • NRS Vista PFDs
  • Stohlquist PFDs
  • WRSI Current Helmets
  • Shred Ready Helmets

In addition, credits may be used for any used piece of gear that has been brought into the program.

Some initial game rules:

  • This is an exchange program.
  • Credits are to be used to purchase only paddling equipment for the kids.
  • Credits cannot be saved for future use.
  • Kayaks and equipment will be assessed by an ERA staff member to determine fair resale value, which will equate to how much credit will be given.

This is a new program! So we have no problem tweaking things if challenges arise.

Pay It Forward

Kayaks will be assessed by Ken, Juliet or Braden.  We will give $100 less than what we think we can sell it for.  This allows us negotiating room as well as covering the cost of fixing the boat up if it needs it and paying hours worked to sell the boat.
When selling a used boat you have, as a rule, $50 negotiating room.  If you want to go beyond that please see Ken, Juliet or Braden.
We will give $10 less than we will ask on all other pieces of gear, and that $10 can also be used as negotiating room.
If someone thinks they can get more for their kayak than we are offering than they are welcome to sell it themselves. We can only put it on our porch under the same parameters that we do so for anyone else.  They must buy a new kayak from our shop before we will put their boat out.