Braden’s Update on the new Addition to the Endless River Adventures North Carolina Outpost

As we are working in the office I can hear Ryan literally hammering away on the addition to the shop.  Ryan has finished all the block work and should be more than half way through installing the LDLs by the end of today.  It is an amazing process to watch- especially because he is working alone most of the time.  Of course, things aren’t moving as quickly as it would with a big building team, but we operate in the Gorge where things are not supposed to move as fast, and leaving it to Ryan means a winter’s worth of work for one of ERA’s team members which is really important to Ken and Juliet. It is all about trying to take care of us through the slow season.

With Ken heading up to Ecuador project, our Ryan is the NC team leader for seeing the addition on the shop happen

With Ken heading up to Ecuador project, our Ryan is the NC team leader for seeing the addition on the shop happen

I stepped out a minute ago to ask him what those huge pieces of wood are called (LDLs).   I see him muscling this thing into place by himself – Ryan is such a hard worker who manages to maintain an easy smile too.

Even the snow has not slowed progress!

Even the snow has not slowed progress!

On my end I have to sometimes stop myself from daydreaming about the potential of the new space.  It is fun to have a blank slate to work with.  I am especially excited at having more space in the shop for the fly fishing section.  Ken, Mac and Ian have done such a great job with the Fly Fishing Instruction program; it only makes sense that we have room to have some more gear in here that people can buy as they walk away totally “hooked” after spending a day fly fishing with us.

I also envision an even more fun kids’ section to match the popularity of our kids programs.

On top of it all, I know the guides are excited to have more room downstairs as our rafting trips grow!

The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure, it will be a lovely space with lots of sunlight, and lots of toys to help us with what we love most of all – sharing time on the river with our guests!

Kelly could not help but add her two cents to Braden’s day dreams:

Setting the structure for the addition

Setting the structure for the addition and what? could that be the perfect spot for a hot tub?

The shop addition looks amazing! It’s starting to actually look like a building! Craig and Ryan have been working away into the night down here, and it’s really paying off.  Also, I talked to Ryan today about the feasibility of a hot tub being added to the addition, and he informed me that the beams can easily support a full-size hot tub on the upper level. So we’re thinking about re-arranging the floor plan and adding that in the place of  Ken’s proposed office–with his blessing of  course.  We figure if he is amenable, the hot tub could even double as his office… how cool would it be to say, “step into my office” and it be a hot tub!!? Please? Yes? Ok, great!

More to come!!