It might seems like a dangerous statement to say that kayakers become ambassadors to and from their home country.  But it is true.  We bring a bit of reality to the locals we paddle by….and bring home reality from the people we have shared time with.

With our winter season winding down this next month, it is time to share some of the special moments in latin america that bring a smile of our face–once we are home. These are the same experiences that help explain little details such as why we include ear plugs on the packing list.

Hit your horn at home and glares will come from all around you. You will slide down in your seat and wish your car had never come equipped with a car horn in the first place.  But horns in Latin America–call it a second language.

See a pretty girl walking down the road, honk honk.

See a friend walking down the street. honk honk.

Come up on anyone walking down the road (which is just about every where since sidewalks are a non-entity in most places, and most people walk most places since they do not own cars). honk honk.

Have something to sell. honk honk

Bus heading anywhere. Need passengers? Want everyone in the entire puebo to know you are approaching the bus stop? honk honk.

Determined to not stop at the next stop sign/intersection but don’t want to run into anyone. honk honk

Passing the bus that is passing the bus that is on a curve that is…. honk honk

Stuck in miles of rush hour traffic in the capital of said Latin American town (where the North American art of driving in your own car with no passengers because you don’t want to share has become the norm) honk honk.

Now all the above may sound like just honk honks.  But every honk is different. From a cute little beep to the “stuck in traffic lay on the horn until everyone around you wants to pull out their machete and kill your horn” it is an art on how to honk and communicate.  We just don’t recommend bringing this little cultural gem back to the States. You might get a glare from the car/person you slipped and honked at—-because they probabaly deserved it./