by Zoe Ross

The Silverback section of the Nile River has provided so many people with excitement and thrill. Everyday for the past week that I have been here it has provided me with joy. I feel that I am becoming emotionally attached to this section of the river. Knowing that tomorrow, no one will ever kayak or raft down it again make me very sad. The river being dammed is like the death of a close friend or family member, irreversible.

I wish that I could take action, put an end to the construction of the dam, but it is too late. I can always keep this experience in mind, so that maybe in the future, action can be organized sooner.

Since 1990, Endless River Adventures has had too many “last time” paddles down rivers – starting with the Bio Bio River in Chile.  We empathize with the emotions this new generation of boaters is feeling as they too witness progress and the loss of natural resources.  This is a blog entry from Zoe Ross, one of the 2011New River Academy students who are spending this semester in Africa. They blog regularly and you can follow this you group of adventurers….