High water US Open Competition

This weekend was the US Open on the Nantahala River. The US Open is always a challenging event with the whole host of Olympic hopefuls showing up to compete.  This year is was made even more so after a night of rain.  For those of you familiar with Nantahala Falls,  imagine not just running the rapid with some extra CFS, but challenging yourself to make it through specific gates at the same time.

The race was two-fold: team trials for the junior wildwater boaters and serious eye-opening competition for the junior and senior slalom boaters. What was extra special about this year’s US Open was the addition of Womens C-1.   One of the highlights of the event was that just a year after the sport opened up Women’s C1, there were six women C1 contenders racing (coming close in number to the nine Men’s C1 competitors).  And several of the C1 Women  boaters are either converts from K1 or competing in both K1 and C1 (that would be young Hailey Thompson).

There were a total of sixty competitors in the five classes: C1Women, C1Men, K1Women, K1Men and C2.  On top of the great group of competitors was the amazing group of volunteers that braved cold rainy wet conditions to make the event successful.

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