A few years ago my friend Trish found herself burned out on the Ocoee by early May. And then one day she paddled with a whole different group of people and came back with an enlightenment: she had a great day on the river, helping her realize that paddling is as much about who you are with as it is the river you are on…

Last weekend Steve and I paddled together, sharing teaching tips and different routes. We had a great day on the river; reminding me of the same thing: the best part of kayaking is paddling with people you enjoy.

To top off an already great day, we ran into our friends from the Baylor School who were spending the day together on the river.
And on this particular day on the river, the male/female ratio was seven girls, four guys…. unusual–especially at the high school level!! So not only was it great to see a group of ladies out paddling (outnumbering the guys!) but with this group in particular, I got to say hello to several veterans of our Baylor/ERA Costa Rica trip: girls/ guys/instructors-once-Baylor-Students…all whom I consider good paddling friends now.

Call it great day on the river made so much better being surrounded by a great group of people. It makes me look forward to my next river trip!