1st Annual Team River Runner Nantahala Weekend!

3rd Annual Team River Runner Nantahala Weekend goes regional!

After two amazing annual Team River Runner weekends with the TRR Augusta Chapter,  this year the weekend was expanded to a regional event.  Much of the funding for the weekend came from money raised through the Nantahala Open raffle contributions (for a Wave Sport boat of choice donated by Wave Sport).    While we did not have the hoped for representation from all the southeastern chapters–the crew that was here for the weekend has a great trip report for us:
ERA’s TRR Regional weekend turned out to be all about TRR Raleigh – ’cause we were the only chapter that showed up. That’s okay – more river, and more food for us!
Josh, Josette, Jester, Lizard, and myself left Raleigh Friday afternoon.  Anticipating a bigger group from Raleigh, we had booked “The Big Cabin” at Nelson’s. The cabin was nice, even if it looked like a set from a 70’s porno. Staying right across the creek, were Wes and his crew who came up for a long weekend of paddling. We ended the night with an interesting discussion fueled by Fat Tire and Muscadine wine.
Saturday morning, Lizard’s dad, Lee “The Legend” Belknap, joined us and we met Juliet for breakfast at River’s End. Leaving with full bellies and yet another traumatized waitress in our wake, we stopped by ERA to pick up some extra layers and headed for the Mighty Tuck.
The level was nice and juicy due to some extra flow from the East fork. This was Josette’s first time back in a kayak after paddling a ducky for a few months, but she did great. Stopping at Lower RR for lunch, she had a goose eating out of her hand. Who knew that watching a goose bob for an apple could be so entertaining? We got a little bit of rain, but the sun came out for the rest of the day. We had a swim or two, but no troubles.
Saturday night, Juliet had planned for a spaghetti dinner for 20 or more people at 13 Moons restaurant, but because we had a smaller group, the eight of us had filet mignon, lobster, duck, and more. Oh, yeah….

Sunday morning and another good breakfast at River’s End, Juliet was off to run the Cheoah, and Lee left to paddle with some old friends who were on a multi day tour of SE rivers. Jester had tweaked his shoulder on the Tuck, so he offered to be shuttle bunny and photographer. The four of us put on at Ferebee’s. This was the first Nanty run for Lizard that she could remember, and Josette’s first run in a kayak, after running it twice before in a ducky. We played our way down with no drama whatsoever. Taking out above the Falls, Josette decided to save it for another day, while Josh, Lizard and I opted for the classic line after scouting. We bombed through the entrance and rallied in Truckstop. I led off, followed by Liz who caught more of top hole than intended, spun 180º and cleaned the falls backwards. Josh followed, biting off the corner of bottom hole but powered through upright. A perfect end to a great day.

Huge thanks to Juliet and all at ERA who worked so hard to make this event happen, and followed through even when turnout wasn’t as anticipated. To the other Raleigh TRR folks who couldn’t make it, boy did you miss out! Thanks everyone!  Brian

Final Note from Endless River Adventures:  Enjoy all of the TRR Raleigh’s photos from the weekend.  Thanks Brian for organizing your herd of cats (aka: kayakers). And here is to  next year’s weekend being even better!!!!