Ken showing off the less-seen side of the Nantahala

Ken showing off the lesser-seen side of the Nantahala

The trout on the Nantahala River will have some serious work to do this weekend to keep away from 60 of top fly fishing elite anglers here for the 2011 U.S. National Fly Fishing Championship.

The western U.S. states always seem to be on the map for great fly fishing, but those who have spent time on the rivers and streams of western North Carolina know we have a treasure chest here for serious fly fishermen. According to ERA’s own fly fisherman Ken Kastorff, “the Nantahala is one of the best tail water streams in the southeast where you can go out and catch all three species of trout: brooks, browns and rainbows, in one day.  And even better is that on any given day, you can catch all three on both nymphs and dry flies,  wade fishing or float fishing (Ken is frequently seen in either his oar-rigged raft or drift boat on the river). To top it off, there are several great streams in the area for small mount bass, brim and muskee.”

Mac Brown, one of the top U.S. fishermen and a local legend here in WNC will be one of the competitors this weekend. The competition will be held on five of our local rivers: the upper and lower Nantahala River, the Cherokee Trophy Waters of the Raven’s Fork, the Tuckasegee, and Calderwood Reservoir. The prize will go to the fisherman that brings in the most fish. The good news for the fish is that each competitor, shadowed by a judge, has three hours on each of the five streams to catch as many fish as possible made more challenging because they must use barbless hooks;  returning the fish back to the river after they are caught.

This event will establish the national team – 15 members who will head to the World Fly Fishing Championship in Italy this year. Bigger news than that is that next year the World Fly Fishing Championship will be held here in western North Carolina.

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