Color is definitely the theme for 2012 in the outdoor industry!

Brighter, better color coordinated, flashier, green (yea!).  Here are just a few tidbits to look forward to in 2012:


Level Six continues to set the standard for looking good on the river!

If you like the color green, 2012 is your year!

the TDub will be a head turner next year!

Pretty in pink new Vixen color

We also saw the return of paddler favorites that had been retired or revamped:

Bomber Gear re-emerges with a bomber line up of gear

Return of the Blue & White Wave Sport Color: a favorite

Thule brings back the paddle holder

And then there is Ken’s favorite:

the newest toy for the fishing loft!!

Stay tuned for more updates on what to expect in the ERA Boater’s Store  in 2012!!