TRR United We Paddle

Over two consecutive weekends, the Nantahala is home for Team River Runner (TRR) vets and volunteers.

The TRR-Kentucky crew called the Nantahala home over Labor Day weekend.  The group included vets from four different wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Desert Storm and Vietnam) and an enthusiastic group of volunteers spearheaded by Linda and Brit.  Often a weekend on the Nantahala is what “sells” new boaters on the magic of kayaking. It is challenging, exciting, beautiful (and yes-before anyone can chime in, chilly!!!).  TRR-Kentucky welcomes Scott into the new toy club!!Scott is part of the new toy club. He went home with a kayak and paddle and is already working out how to bring his kayak along on his cross-country work trips!

The weekend of Sept 10 & 11 will welcome in TRR-Asheville here on the Nantahala River. The chapter is participating in the national Team River Runner United We Paddle 911 Remembrance.  The 9/11 event will see TRR chapters all across the United States gathering to paddle together in honor of 911.  The national chapter has set a goal to get 911 TRR paddlers from across the county on the water enjoying the healing benefits of paddling.  For spiritual healing, bonding and skill development, there is no better river than the Nantahala for this!

We always welcome Team River Runner here on the Nantahala and look forward to another great weekend!