Olivia looking awesome in her Fuse 35!

Olivia and her dad Todd came in to test out some new boat options for Olivia.  Sometimes it is easy to just take away the guess work and just buy something for your young paddler. But letting them play take the lead  in deciding what boat is right for them is important.   Kids are actually quite intuitive as to how a boat feels for them – particularly where stability is concerned.  And of course whether they feel comfortable in the boat.  If they like the boat, they are going to enjoy paddling with you much more (fess’ up, not all that different than you mom or dad!!)  Kudos to Todd for letting Olivia figure out her next boat–and for letting us be a part of  the day also.  How we helped our new friend Olivia decide what her next boat would be:
Making Sure the Boat Fit
“I want to thank you and Max for your help with Olivia and getting her set up in the Fuse 35.  Max did an awesome job outfitting the Fuse and it fit Olivia like a glove.  Also you talking with her when she was sitting in it on the porch made her feel great and completely at ease with trying a new boat.  She was completely comfortable in the Fun 1 but she and I both knew she had outgrown it.  Once I saw her in the Fuse on the water you could tell she had indeed outgrown the fun  – she looked perfect in the Fuse.  Once on the City Tuck she attained up river like a champ and I do not think the Fun 1 would have done that.”
Confidence that the new boat will perform
“As I made my way up beside her she said she loved the boat and she did not need to try any others!  I was concerned the transition to a slightly wider boat might set her roll back but that was not the case.  When we finished she practiced her some bow rescues and then tried her roll and NAILED it.  She was so happy and again stated this was the boat for her and wondered wished the Tuck Gorge was running so she could run it down that.”

No matter who it is or how old  – you count with us!
“We grabbed some lunch and then bought her the boat.  Again  your group does a great job and especially working with kids.  You have a way of making them feel important.  Thank you very much.”