Redefining What a Boater’s Store Should Be All About

Word of the Day: Boater’s Store
Boater’s Store (ˈbō-tərz ˈstȯr) Noun. Definition: 1. Store where you can come directly off the river and feel welcome regardless of whether you’re dripping in to buy a new pair of nose clips or a new kayak. 2. Online store for staff-tested kayaks and river gear, now with more personalized service.

Synonym: Boater’s Store is the new name of “the shop” at Endless River Adventures.

Characteristics of the Boater’s Store

Newly Expanded
The Boater’s Store has recently been expanded to better showcase its top-quality boats and gear. It now has more space to display the best fun toys and kayaking gear that’s used and recommended by the friendly, knowledgeable staff. Now there’s plenty of room for you to come in, hang out, get some expert advice, and browse some great gear.

Online Interaction
The Boater’s Store online has been redesigned to help you get the same personalized service you would receive in-person at the store. Shop for your new toys online. Once you’ve decided on something, fill out the Boater’s Store online order form. A helpful staff member will confirm that your item is in stock and ready to ship—and that it’s the right size and color for you. Response guaranteed within 24 hours of your request.

Introducing Layaway
Because looping on the Nantahala Freestyle Wave is easy for you, but ponying up the cash for a new boat can be a different story…the Boater’s Store now offers layaway for purchases over $100. Put 25% down and you’ll have 90 days to pay the balance and pick up your new gear. Extended terms are available for purchases over $1000.

Examples of Boater’s Store used in a sentence

  1. The newly expanded Boater’s Store is conveniently located next to the Nantahala River and features some of the best paddling gear available.
  2. The friendly, experienced staff at the Boater’s Store can help you make decisions about the new boat or gear that’s right for you—in person or online.
  3. “Thanks to the new layaway option at the Boater’s Store, I can pick out my new ProjectX now and pay for it with my Christmas bonus.”

Origin of Boater’s Store
Inspired by rivers, Ken and Juliet Kastorff began Endless River Adventures in 1992. The 2011 expansion of the Boater’s Store, enhanced online store, and introduction of layaway are just the latest improvements to an establishment that—with its exceptional staff—continues to serve as a resource and home base for boaters of all abilities.

Visit www.endlessriveradventures.com or call 800-224-7238 for more information.