What we we look for out of boat designers is coming out with something that gives us an excuse to buy a new boat! We don’t want yesterday’s do-over. We want new! Progressive! Pushing the envelope!  It is with high expectation that we welcome Hans Nutz-Wave Sport’s new boat designer. We asked Hans to take a break for a few minutes to talk about who he is/where he came from/where he sees Wave Sport going!

Hans – you are the new boat designer for Wave Sport! Where do you come from/what is your background?
I grew up in the Carolinas, and graduated from Auburn University with a Masters in Industrial Design. I have been a product designer for over ten years, but my true passion has always been in outdoor sports. I’ve been a climber and kayaker since college and I still love to get out whenever I can. It’s exciting to be a part of Wave Sport and bring my design experience into the whitewater market.

What did you know about Wave Sport’s history?
I was just getting into boating when the play boats began to get shorter and slicey. Wave Sport had launched a few models that were dramatically changing the freestyle scene. I always liked the way Wave Sport boats were both technically forward and highly visible on the water.

You follow in the foot steps of Eric Jackson and Robert Peerson – each of whom put their mark on the history of Wave Sport. What would you like to make your legacy?
My hope is that our team can continue to develop great Wave Sport boats that push the sport forward. My personal goal is to connect more people to our sport and also to Wave Sport boats. If we focus on boats that allow for innovation, it will be the boaters who paddle our boats that will continue to push and evolve the sport.

What kind of boating do you prefer? Favorite River?
Honestly, I can’t say that I have a favorite river. The southeast is great for all levels of paddling, and you can’t go wrong with Gauley in Fall!

Without revealing secrets…. can you let us know the direction you would like to take with boat design and Wave Sport?
I’m excited about the future of Wave Sport. There is a history of great boats in Wave Sport, and we need carry that DNA forward as we improve. I think boaters will be excited about the future of Wave Sport as well.

The rumors are flying as to what is next, Hans. And we cannot wait to showcase your work here in our Boater’s Store!