Why is the Pacuare River of Costa Rica the crown jewel of whitewater?

check out the toucans!

On the way in, the way out and the way downstream there is no shortage of scenery. Toucans squawking in the trees, hawks, sloths, iguanas hanging out in the branches, lush green flora…the list goes on….

Accessibility? The gauge for the river! A painted rock.

Accessibility- good put-in and take-out. Of course, the 17 miles in between have literally no access. And it is real whitewater kayaking – where no USGS gauge is going to tell you whether the level is good or not.

amazing Class III-IV whitewater

Amazing Class III-IV whitewater. Imagine 17 miles of incredible whitewater. No worry about having to paddle a bunch of flatwater–there isn’t any!!

no shortage of scenery on the Pacuare River

entering into one of the Pacuare Canyons


Upper Haucas on the Pacuare

driving through lower Haucas

one fo the best rapids ont he river: Cimmaron


go for it!! Cimmaron

17 miles of whitewater fun!!

Daniel looking upstream and downstream on the Pacuare!

Pura Vida in Costa Rica!