Why AT Paddles in the Endless River Adventures Boater’s Store?

  • Because they offer the only paddle that is actually shaped to fit your hand.
  • Because the paddles have a lower swing weight and more torque than other paddles.
  • Because, like us, they are inspired by whitewater. 

Max showing off his move with an AT paddle in hand

Max Ovett – card carrying AT Paddle boater:

“One of my favorite pieces of gear is my AT2 Super Duty. It super light and super strong! When I am play boating or creeking I know I have a paddle that will hold up to what ever I throw at it. I never feel the paddle flutter and always know I am getting a good strong stroke. I also love that the shaft bends on two planes unlike any other bent shaft out there. I always feel like I have a full control grip. To have a paddle that feels and performs this well, AND has a lifetime warranty is kinda like striking gold, or hitting massive loops!”