How to chose between a Class III and Class IV international kayaking trip…between play boating and river running….this is the challenge of Costa Rica.  For Class IV river running Costa Rica can be all out–especially with a little rain.  Be it a high water river or high gradient drop (or both), having a dependable river runner kayak is a good idea.  There are holes to punch through and/or skirt around, drops to power over, maneuvering to be done…..

Maybe you are not ready for Class IV rivers.  Not to worry!  Maybe you prefer a playboat to a river runner. Not to worry!  The beauty of Costa Rica kayaking is that there are options. The challenge is sometimes you have to chose between the two when you have only one week to take it all in.

There is a good rule of thumb when kayaking internationally: avoid pushing your envelope skill-wise. Just the lack of familiarity on each day’s river alone adds some extra intensity.

Then there is the trip where you just want to relax. Call it a vacation if you must!  Maybe your preference is a little boat that can stern squirt, bow stall, loop, mystery move, surf….or maybe you have never paddled outside the country….or maybe you have not paddled a wide variety of rivers….then think about a Class III trip in Costa Rica.  That is what our gang did this past week. For some it was a good refresher after being out of a boat for a while and for some it was just playboating until there was not a wave/eddy line/hole left untouched.

Regardless it is safe to say that this past week there was hardly a wave left unsurfed, an eddy line unsquirted, a piece of flat water (which was little) un-bowstalled….it was just an awesome week of boating for everyone!


and when we were not having fun on the river.....

and when we were not having fun on the river....

Thanks friends for a great week of kayaking in Costa Rica.  Want to see more? Check out a whole collection of photos from the trip…..