Why we feature Stohlquist in the Boater’s Store?

  • Because Jim Stohlquist was one of the first to create tried-and-true gear specifically for kayaking-and is still doing it 30 years later.
  • Jim is deliberate in every detail of his design, so when he comes out with a product it has been tested – usually by Jim himself!
  • We respect a company whose owner is still hands-on in the day-to-day business, because that is who we are!

Stocked for paddlers, staffed by paddlers, our gear is worn every day by Endless River Adventures staff.  Let’s hear what Daniel Young has to say about picking the Stohlquist Descent as his favorite piece of gear:

“The comfort of my Stohlquist Descent rescue vest is unbelievable.  It is like a firm hug from Grandma offering maximum floatation while allowing freedom of movement.  The quick release for the tether is perfectly placed for snappy reaction time.  I love the hand pockets, not to mention the clip inside that I use for my knife.  It is also nice that you can loosen the straps enough to make the vest slip on without having to unzip.  The complex tightening system allows a firm fit that never rides up! I LOVE IT!”
-Daniel Young, Ocoee & Cheoah Guide, Costa Rica & Ecuador Guide