What is is about Costa Rica that brings people back again and again?!? Father & daughter Team Kari and Art helped us finish up our 2011 Costa Rica season. Their sixth trip together – and every year brings something new, different, familiar, favorite!

There is the river running and the playboating.

Drives to and from the river can be as much fun as the river time itself!

There is the great time at the beach.

and of course the sunsets!

And the amazing whitewater found in paddling a week in Costa Rica (especially when you are from Minnesota!)

And what would be a week of paddling in Costa Rica without wall shots!!

Just the food alone is a reason to come back – Gallo de pinto is the “tipico” breakfast

Costa Rican coffee is a winner – even if you have to pick it yourself.

For a kayaker’s vacation, the accommodations are pretty enticing.

number one mentioned reason for returning to Costa Rica: our off-river guide Miguel.

And the guides! Who have as much fun as you do on the river.

And finally, the groups that come together for every trip, every year to have fun, enjoy everything that Costa Rica has to offer, and share that experience with like-minded fellow boaters.

Thank you friends for another great season in Costa Rica. And Art & Kari-we cannot wait for next year’s trip!!

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Stay tuned for 2012 Costa Rica Kayaking Trip Dates…..