If there is one common remark that comes out of Ecuador it usually follows a day paddling on the Upper Mishaulli. “I wish this run was in my backyard.”

The Upper Mishaulli varies any where from a Class III-IV to a Class IV+ run depending on water levels.  It is not the difficulty of the run that makes it such a favorite,
but the boofs,

the cool eddy turns,

the beautiful rock formations

the fact that on a given day the only people you will see on the river are the ones you have chosen to paddle with – and maybe a few local “whitewater enthusiasts”

did we mention that there is one boof after another?

and a big advantage on the Miss is that there are not huge consequences for messing up a boof here or there… With good recovery after most of the key moves in the run, there is also time to stop and figure out what went wrong with the boof – because there will be more downstream!!   In the words of our own Craig, “Tons of creeky boofs without tons of creeky consequences. It is the perfect river to push yourself to the next level in creek boating without  the risks that sometimes come from learning how to run hard creek moves.”

Finishing up this awesome run, if you have a good friend (like Angel) you can also find beer in the take-out eddy!!  How’s that for a prize day on the river?!?

Thanks for a great week of boating your guys!! We would not be here without you!  Enjoy just some of the photos from the trip: