When you are a kayaker in the southeast – probably the best year-round place to live and kayak, there is hardly time to paddle everything available to you.  So why do we move shop to places like Costa Rica and Ecuador for the winter?

1.  If a cold front hits home, it makes the trip down south worthwhile.
2. If  you want to do a week of high-quality whitewater–and have an excuse to not think about work, take some time away from your backyard favorite runs and go international.
3. New rivers to explore. New rapids to run. New holes to surf. Waves to catch.
4. New cultures to explore!  And that is what makes a trip stand apart.

A change of scenery is good for the soul!

The rivers of Ecuador are the highlight of the trip, but the cool things that we do off the river really create the memories!

Starting with Quito…..It would be disappointing to visit Ecuador and not spend a little time exploring Quito – one of the most interesting cities on any continent!  From its early Quitus population to the Incas to the Spanish to modern day, Quito has a wealth of history. When the small country was liberated from Gran Columbia by Bolivar and Sucre, the name Quito was almost adopted, but with its position on the equator (and some protests from Guayaquilenos), the name Ecuador stuck.

A cititour in Quito includes the Panecillo overlooking the city

Ecuador earned its name because of its location on the equator.

And it is super easy to take a few extra days while in Quito and check out mountain biking down a snow-capped Andes Volcano!

For a change of scenery, biking down snow-capped volcanoes is awesome!

For such a small country, there is so much to explore from north to south, to the Galapagos Islands– just a plane trip off the west coast of Ecuador.

To travel to Ecuador sets you up for a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

Once we head over to the Oriente – the paradise of paddling, there is so much to do.  There are more rivers to paddle than time in just one week. The amazing wonders of the Oriente are not just on the river, so we make it a point to take time for side trips!

Taking time out to enjoy the scenery in the Oriente - using the pipeline as a sidewalk!


It is worthwhile skipping that last surf to check out San Rafael Falls


One gorgeous waterfall after another, a side trip to Cascada Malo is the way to finish off a great day on the Quijos River.

We are always on the hunt for new, super cool side trips. And this year we found the coolest side trip ever! The Cuevas de los Tayos.

A side trip can include a little cross training with a hike into one of the newly discovered wonders of the Oriente: Cuevas de los Tayos


The rivers of the Oriente are not the only natural wonders, newly discovered Cueva de los Tayos


Adding a 75 acre reserve to our Quijos Eco-Lodge includes the option of a hike up the Quijos Ridge for the view of all views of the Quijos Valley


Enjoying another "boating" option of the Oriente with a boat trip down the Napo River


When guide becomes victim, learning the art of blow darts


And then there is just hanging out time - something not done enough at home!


Hanging out time and sharing fun with the kids


Hanging out time includes getting to know the natives


Just kill'n time, part of the benefits of taking a vacation!


Enjoying a little time out after one great day of paddling following another


A week of paddling makes a soak in the hot springs worth the time out!


And shouldn't a vacation include time on the water slide...into the hot springs pool!

So take time out for a paddling vacation with us that includes exploring new rivers, new cultures, and just enjoying a Vacation!!  Check out all we have to offer for ideas that can create your definition of a vacation….