that’s how we say it here in the south…

the vision behind our I Ain’t Skerd program is differentiating between “fear” and “anxiety.”

Fear is what keeps us from doing something that is way out of our ability, or just really stupid.

Anxiety is what keeps us from doing something that we can do, but just have not worked up the grit to do.  Anxiety is the butterflies in the stomach, the “accidently” missing that last stroke that would have sent us into the hole, the not giving a move 100% and scurrying back to the line we feel super comfortable with.

We celebrated another awesome “I Ain’t Skerd” Ocoee day this week.  Moves were tried, different eddies caught, limits pushed, confidence built, and lessons learned.  We all came away better boaters from the day.

All of the above is at the heart of good instruction, but sometimes it is valuable–and fun, to just have a good ol’ southern I Aint Skerd day and put it all out on the table.

There are more I Ain’t Skerds coming up this summer for the Ocoee and for transitioning from a flat water roll to whitewater.  Check the dates out, or make a date for your own day….