New Wave Sport Creek Boat brought to you by David Maughan, Wavesport Designer

“My design intent is to create a boat that will get paddlers down the river safely while performing at the highest levels of creeking, river trekking and Class IV-V+ boating. It is my desire to advance the sport of creek boating by enhancing paddler confidence and skill sets, making boundary pushing a safer, more exciting experience in a reliable boat. This is a boat intended to make a good paddler better.”

Wondering what the new boat has to offer?  David share a little beta on the new design:

1. Look for design changes in looks and a performance that differs from the Habitat

2. Brand new design
Deck lines
Hull shape
Volume distribution

3. Offering three sizes

What are the features that are going to make this boat rock?

  • Continuous rocker for greater speed & better boofing
  • Increased bow volume for faster resurfacing, blasting through holes, increasing side wall flare and better stability.
  • In addition, anticipate less loading of water–particularly on stern, a lower secondary chine, and a better carving edge for control.