The Wave Sport Recon has landed in the Gorge.  And it took no time before we were all headed to the river to give it a test drive today!

I am a crummy gear head, so I am the last person to break apart a boat and review it (I was once asked to give feedback on a prototype and only at the end of the day did Rob realize that I didn’t fit in it because it was set up for his height not mine, and I had never bothered to say anything).  My standards are:  is the boat comfortable, stable and how does it steer (I am a big stern draw person).

Is the Recon comfortable: oh yeah. The addition of the adjustable lift in the seat was huge. I am pretty small for the 83, but by adjusting the front of the seat with three quick clicks, I felt as snug as I would if I was in the Diesel 60.  And the bulk head is super comfy.

Foot room: in the Recon83, at 5’5″, this is a non-issue, so I had Craig jump in the boat in his skate shoes, and he did not come close to feeling pressed for foot room.  Good news for the big footers out there who are trying to get into a boat with creek booties.

Stability.  The Recon settles in on its secondary edge without hesitation. I side surfed through a couple holes and came sideways into a rock (don’t tell Ken) and the boat was solid. Driving it through a hole backed up by a hard recirculating eddy was a no-brainer.

Steering.  Transitioning from forward momentum to turning momentum was seamless; but like any creek boat with rocker, if you are not good at controlling your forward momentum the boat might get away from you.   Moving laterally across current to test out correction strokes, I was prepared to have to struggle a little since I was in the 83 and thought I might have to man handle the boat a bit; therefore, it was a surprise how easily I could recover an angle from either a stern draw – or from a forward sweep.  It is unusual to have a boat that corrects as easily from either end, and in particular, for a boat that long to correct so easily off a forward sweep.  How would it do in double the volume?  That’s for another test drive.

Favorite new feature: without a doubt the little leash that has been added to the three-arm nut on the bulkhead.  I cannot tell you how many times in Costa Rica or Ecuador we have to replace those because of bouncing around on put-in/take-out roads.  The leash might be considered overkill as far as outfitting goes in some books – but it was thoughtful.   Thank you Wave Sport for that extra step!

My favorite feature on the Recon!

Stats on the boat – never remember something you can look up….

Anticipated arrival: the exact dates are not written in stone, but we should have the Recon 83 by the end of the month, the 93 in another month, and the 70 late winter.  We will let you know! In the meantime, take time out to demo the boat when you come through the Gorge (but don’t even think about demoing it at the Cascades Release!!).