Zeta Rapid photo compliments Tyler Curtis

Zeta Rapid on the Futaleafu.  Even to the unitiated the rapid looks crazy. Take 5,000 – 25,000 cfs and stuff all that volume into a z-shaped mini canyon only about 20 feet wide.   For the kayaker scouting the rapid, it takes only a few minutes to note the over-hanging wall with a violently recirculating eddy tucked underneath it, the undercut walls looming downstream, and the eddy lines that look like they can (and in fact will) swallow full-volume boats without hesitation.  For those with knowledge of the history of the rapid, add sives that cannot be immediately spotted (and in fact were learned of only when swimmers ended up in them).  Zeta has a well-worn path where many an experienced paddler has gladly picked up their boat and walked around it.  Zeta is where Lars Holbeck taught me one of my most important lessons in kayaking: when to be okay with walking a rapid.  Read more….