The Nantahala Race Club (NRC) is committed to increasing youth participation in slalom, freestyle – and just kayaking in general.  This year will bring in a whole new set of programs for slalom, freestyle and recreational boaters to enjoy.

This spring will bring in the third season of the Nantahala Kids Club (NKC) sessions. NKC is a six-week program designed to promote paddle sports among young people in local Nantahala community. The aim is to provide an opportunity for participants to have fun and build friendships while challenging themselves and developing as athletes. Sponsored by the NRC, Endless River Adventures and NOC this program has really generated enthusiasm in the local community.

This year, the NRC will schedule a calendar of Youth Slalom Mini-Camps.  Open to the public, the mini-camps are intended to introduce young paddlers to the competitive aspects of paddling in a fun, supportive atmosphere. Designed for kids who already have a grasp on basic paddling mechanics, Mini-Camps focus on key river-running skills: balance, precision, and introductory slalom technique. While NRC’s Mini-Camps have been predominately slalom-focused in the past, the goal is to branch out to other disciplines in the coming months.

Not wanting to leave out the grown-ups, the NRC will also schedule a number of Friday evening sessions for folks interested in training in slalom. Stay tuned for more!!