by local boy J.J.

This boat has a non-traditional look being small but it feels good on river. Things I like:

  • The initial stability is stout enough to not tire out your core and your lower back when you are just floating.
  • You can relax in easy water and not feel like the boat wants to shift from edge to edge.
  • The secondary stability is awesome and predictable. It truly has the ability to save you. This boat can handle a lot of lean. When making a peel out or eddy turns this boat is as sharp or smooth as your skills will allow it to be.
  • When taken over drops it surfaces level and quickly and it does punch holes well. The plastic is strong and I have for sure put that to the test.
  • It boofs well and lands very solid.
  • I am very surprised at how well a boat that size paddles even when it is swamped. It does lose some speed but keeps stable and that gives you the ability to catch that last second eddy when you need to.
  • This boat is incredible and good lines are rewarded with fast ferries and sharp eddy turns. Bad lines are rewarded with water in your boat. This is a great creeker. If you want to make moves instead of just paddling straight down river this boat can do it.

Although this is now my favorite canoe I have to be fair and let you know about the down sides. The boat is a bit heavy for trails and the factory foot pegs could use more adjustment points. The sides of the hull have plastic tanks instead foam to take up air space beside your hips. These do tend to take on water but they are easy enough to drain. The front deck has a lip that could act as a splash deflector to keep the hull dry in moderate chop. However, this seems to deflect small waves into my face when I hit them at a bad angle. Overall the negatives are just me nit-picking when in reality this is the quickest sharpest most comfortable canoe that I have paddled.

If you want a boat that will allow you to push your abilities this is a great one for it. If you are a beginner or intermediate paddler this boat will show what you are doing wrong or right. Do it right she treats you well. Do it wrong and you will swamp out.