I am a flip flop kind of girl…that is not a secret in our crowd.  So it came as a surprise – even to myself,when I threw in my never-been-worn Astral Brewess shoes when packing for my winter.

Rasslers and me enjoying the view on the Pacuare River, Costa Rica

I have always struggled with minimizing what I bring when packing for four months of guiding in Costa Rica and Ecuador.  Between clothes, paddling gear and a few books I cannot leave without, the bags get pretty darn heavy. And I have to carry them (most of the time).   So while my Costa Rican flip flops might be my mainstay, I do like to run about Costa Rica on the beach,  or from the river; I would not like to miss the opportunity to hop on a horse in Ecuador, or walk a muddy trail to a new amazing over look.  So shoes have always been a conundrum for me.  In the final hours that I chose to actually pack for my trip (I had much more fun things to do than pack) I suddenly eyed my pair of Astral Brewess that I had yet to wear. Hmmm…. a pair of really good river shoes (something my fellow guides always chide me about not having), a pair of shoes I could go for a run after the river…. a footwear that would see me running across a beach in Costa Rica, or a trail in Ecuador…suddenly I was minimizing my footwear to a pair of flipflops…and Rasslers.

Verdict: Good choice!  Happy to have my Brewess’ with me this go-around.  I think we will have fun together!