This week will see the community gathering in support of protecting one of the whitewater jewels of Ecuador: the Jondachi River.  The fight to save the Jondachi from a planned dam project has been going on for several years now under the leadership of Matt Terry and the Ecuadorian Rivers Institute (ERI).

To understand the issue, a recent article published on outdoor is most helpful leading up to the scheduled community event this week.

Matt Terry and ERI has long spearheaded environmental issues here in Ecuador.  For many years, ERI put on the Napo Festival, which brought together the local community as well as the international paddling community to celebrate the value of rivers here in Ecuador.  Community awareness is at the heart of saving a river.   Not only will there be whitewater-related events – kayaking and rafting, but music, education and more.  Music will be headlined by our own Daniel Terrence Young.  If you are here in Ecuador, it will be an event to support. If you are not in Ecuador but back home suffering through another arctic freeze, reach out and support the endeavors of an organization like ERI who works tirelessly for the environment so that there will be a legacy left for the next generation.

For more on Matt’s work, check out our interview with Matt……