Spring is in the air! This is our favorite time of year. “The sun shines on the rain and the rain falls on the sunshine.” The riverbeds start to rustle with life, puddles begin to form, side creeks begin to flow and fair-weather boaters start to come outside and play. As the quite river towns start to dust off the snow and prepare for the hustle and bustle of a bright summer day, we too are getting excited for routine releases, opening days and the smiles of familiar faces!

As many of us revisit our gear closets and get ready to hit the water, this might come with the realization that winter may not have been so kind to your paddling wardrobe. Or perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who got to paddle the flooded waters of Ecuador this year and just need to replace that gasket you wore out. No matter what way you spin it, it may be time to invest in some new gear. And this year, Endless River Adventures will have even more options for boaters and fisherman a like!

We will be adding three new brands to our retail line-up and several new pieces from existing brands that we carry. We will be bringing in everything from new and revolutionary dry tops, to fashionable layering pieces, to the best-of-the-best accessories. There will be something for everyone! And one of these new Boater’s Store items is sure to be your next favorite piece of paddling gear. In fact we are so sure of this and inspired by the new gear that we will be carrying, we have written product reviews and awarded each a fun, memorable title for 2015.

Throughout the spring we will be publishing these write-ups, which will include product specs, release dates and announce what title/award each item or brand has won. Here’s what you want to remember – if you mention the name of the category the featured item or brand won anytime throughout our season, we will extend a 15% off discount to you on that item or brand!! So settle in and be sure to check out our weekly product reviews! Here’s a look at the categories we have come up with to describe our new Boater’s Store Items for 2015. 


1. Day dreaming of the Ocoee 9. Nature Calls
2. New Car Smell 10. Proud to be an American
3. Dry meets Comfort 11. New Age
4. What more can you ask for?! 12. Go with the Flow
5. Functional Fashionista 13. Do-it-all
6. Problem Solver 14. Ready for Adventure
7. Best cold weather paddling layer 15. Gear Head
8. Double Whammy